Axis Optical.


Axis optical covers everything except the eye test. Just bring down your current prescription and we'll go through everything from what type of lenses you require, which frames are best suited, and adjustments for the fitting once the job is completed.

• All types of lenses:
    - Single vision
    - Bifocals
    - Varifocals

• All types of coatings and tints

• Transition and polarised lenses

• Over 300 frames in stock

• Glazing customers own frames

• Repairs

• Industrial safety eyewear

• Shooting and flying spectacles

• Snooker glasses

• We are also able to produce lenses for rifle sights and binoculars

• Full glazing service including rimless

• Glazing of prescription scuba diving masks

Axis Optical have been producing lenses for scuba diving masks for nearly 20 years and have a wealth of experience in the production and fitting of these lenses.
For more information or to order, please follow the link where you can find all the necessary information.